About the Founder

As the National Sales Manager for a tile and stone supplier, Chad Tuley saw how busy project teams are and how much time and money they spend sourcing all of the interior finish items from different places. He saw how clients had to choose lower quality finishes because sourcing from different places raised overall project costs. He also saw how coordinating product delivery-making sure everything arrived at the right time-was a logistical nightmare on these large scale projects where precision timing means everything to the overall project.

So he had a novel idea-what if there was a single place where project teams could source most of the interior finish products they needed. And what if by creating one source, customers could get better products at a good value, resulting in a better return on investment. The logistical nightmares would disappear, product would show up at the job site when it was needed, projects would stay on course, and the finished living spaces would be beautiful.

That place is SIX PRODUCTS. Here project teams can find what they need and have product delivered to the job site when they need it. Chad brought together a group of dedicated professionals with long track records of success in new multifamily construction, hospitality, and commercial projects. Our team works together to manage the details; you place your order and wait for delivery.

Chad's vision is to help developers of new construction multifamily projects get a better return on investment. He believes there are a few key components to delivering on this vision:

1. Commitment to the customer's bottom line
2. Building good relationships
3. Delivering on promises
4. Providing quality products in a timely manner

Our word is our guarantee. Chad and the team look forward to helping you create a spectacular multifamily dwelling, hospitality space, or commercial unit.